Hello fellow brother or sister, or to whom it may concern. Thank you for your time.

I am speaking to you now because I have been sitting on this very special project confidentially, patiently, and in stealth, for over three years now. I have sacrificed the past years of my life working on perfecting this project and finding the perfect location and partners and site etc. - across the US SouthWest (I actually started dreaming about this in the late 90’s like I think we all did.) I feel like the time is now right to show it to you and offer it to you, to be a part of it with me if you like and want, and to help make it come to reality and fruition. I would like every fellow water-wave-healing loving human brother sister tribesmen to be a part of this and have the chance to call it part your own. 

In life, you can be like Escobar or Chapo, Buddha or Jesus, God or Satan, either way, in the end, we all have the same fate and will just be recognized based on our legacy of actions on this Earth while here and alive and now. I writing this announcement, as I want EVERY SINGLE SURFER and HUMAN to have the chance to be a part of this most special project I have created for you. LVSL will be a great curated special place with a controlled line up - organized in a calm sequential guaranteed manner, super-safe and clean, and with PLENTY of large non-stop consistent set waves for everyone, every hour, all the time. With great best food, sounds, vibrations, happiness and healing. I want everyone to benefit from and share in this most-special place, and be nothing but peace and happiness and fun, in a very safe & secure clean setting for all. (*LVSL will have the Highest of Security in the background.)

My team and I are building LVSL to bless and heal as many people as possible, as well as try to have the best time as possible while healing and promoting happiness and exercise to ALL.

This is an offer to be a part of this… and when buying in now you will receive an EXTREME DISCOUNT, AND TONS OF FREE STUFF in exchange for your founding supporting donation or founding membership purchase of this project.

LVSL will have and only hire, the most successful and professional operators and management professionals. As well as give special attention to youth at risk, including those "educationally excluded, street children, orphans, victims of child abuse, addicts, disabled youth, individuals with mental illness, migrant and refugee youth, sick children, child victims of war, child laborers, victims of child trafficking, ethnic and all minorities, disadvantaged girls, and impoverished children and people. LVSL will help employ these disadvantaged youth, as well as dedicate one day per week for the Disadvantaged and Disabled to fully enjoy the pool and place, free of charge, with all of your support.

I feel as though surf parks, wave pools, resorts or anything like this, that benefits society and humans and Earth as a whole, shouldn't just be for the elite, but should be affordable and accessible to and for all, and a fair reasonable price.

I want to give everyone a chance to Win and Succeed and Be Happy, be a part of this. My heart and soul tells me it's only right. Live by the Golden Rule.

Thank you for your time and consideration in reading and considering this. I hope all wave pools, everywhere, do great and are successful. The more waves that are made and spread-out, the more healing and better the world and humans will be and become. Surfing humbles, improves, and enlightens humans. The future is up to you/us. We are 1.

Place your bets and secure a Membership piece in one of the coolest future ventures and projects on planet earth, or forever hold your peace. From there you will be able to get personal email updates on the project, the products and perks you purchased at an extreme discount, and be considered a Founding Member to set the whole world to learn from and see.

My Instagram is: TorreyJames33. If you want to shoot me a message or have any questions…

I hope to heal and excite many. Thank you for your time reading all of this and your consideration to Donate or Purchase support a Founding Membership piece of LVSL.

Sincerely and Best Regards,

Torrey James Ward

*And the 33 is from 1 of my favorite low-pro surfing spots growing up in SD called 33’s, and for the 1 on the South Shore that I used to surf with my dad pops growing up.